Hair Extension Storage Pouch (10 Pack)


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Hair Extension Storage Pouch - Product Description

Now available in medium and large.

The Hair Made Easi Storage Pouches have been designed to store Hair Extensions keeping them tangle-free and super organised. Simply store any leftover or new hair in the pouch and label it with your client's details. 

The zip-lock pouches are super strong and will keep hair safe until your client is ready to have their extensions fitted again. 

They are also ideal for retailing to clients to keep their hair extra safe at home, saving their hair from knotting and tangling, until they are ready to have them fitted again. 

Why Buy the Hair Made Easi Storage Pouches

  • Retail to clients to store their hair when they are having a break from fitting
  • Prevents hair from knotting and tangling
  • Keep all clients hair separate in the salon
  • Keeps all clients hair safe in their own pouches 
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Give your clients peace of mind that their hair is safe between appointments

For professional use and home use

Hair Made Easi Storage Pouch Spec


  • Length: 30cm
  • Width 10cm
  • Weight 8g each pouch 


  • Length 35cm 
  • Width 16cm
  • Weight 12g each pouch

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