Common Questions

Can I cancel or change my order?

You can only cancel your order within the first 30 minutes of placing the order. If you want to make a change to your order, please email us as soon as possible and we can do this as long as it has not been shipped. We try and ship all orders the same or next working day, so please get in touch with us as soon as possible prior or shipped. Please contact hello@hairmadeeasi.com to change your order.

Any orders that have been shipped cannot be amended and will need to be returned to us for an exchange/credit.

Do I need a trade account?

As we only supply tools to hair extension specialists, there is no need to set up a trade account to shop with us!

I placed my order on Friday and still haven't received it.

As we aren't in the office over the weekend, any orders placed after 1:30pm on a Friday will be fulfilled and dispatched on the following Monday.

I need help with my order, what is the best way to get in contact?

Please contact us by sending an email to hello@hairmadeeasi.com



Can I use my hairdryer when using my Easibond?

The easi answer is yes!

As we know, new hair extensions should be washed prior to fitting, therefore, drying them is essential. The Easibond has been tested for heat and as long as the hair dryer is set to medium and there is enough space between the nozzle of the hairdryer and the Easibond, it is perfectly safe to blow dry the hair on the Easibond. 

Which hair extensions fit onto the Easibond?

All types of hair extensions fit onto the Easibond, from nano's to wefts.

What is the best way to attach my Easibond?

The Easibond comes with an adhesive pad and suction cups. The suction cups will attach to any flat shiny surface like a mirror or a plastic trolley. If your work station is a wooden one, we would recommend you use the adhesive pad as this is super strong. The adhesive pad is the more permanent option.

Does the Easibond hold nano's?

In a word, yes. It will hold all hair extension types, but it was designed by a hair extension specialist to specifically hold all types of pre-bonded hair types. As we know fitting pre-bonded hair can be a stressful job and the Easibond takes away all of the stress for you.

Can I save time using the Easibond in the salon?

Absolutely! The Easibond can save you upto an hour on a refit, 20 minutes on a tape and weft fitting and 40 minutes on a new fit of pre-bonded hair extensions. 

How can I make more money using your products?

We recommend that you charge for the service and not for your time, remember your clients will be over the moon that they are not sat in your chair for as long. 
Remember you are saving up to an hour per refit, this allows you to fit in an extra client per day, an extra 5 clients per week and that's an extra 250 per year, that is some serious extra revenue for you and extra time that your clients will love you for!

Does the Easibond come with an adhesive pad and suction cups?

Yes it comes with both.

Can I recycle my Easibond?

Yes, the Easibond is made from recyclable plastic?

How much hair does it hold?

It holds as much hair as you need so you can set up your workstation in seconds! 

What about organising other colours?

When working with more than one colour of hair extensions, just line them up in colour order and you are ready to fit!

Will my client benefit from me using the Easibond?

When left to your client to pass her hair to you, you find yourself getting stressed as your client never quite gets it right (why would she, she’s not a hairdresser!) Using the Easibond, your client can now sit and relax, read a book, chat to you or just take in what’s going on around her. After all that's what she's paying for.


What can I use my Easiweft for?

The Easiweft enables you to wash, dry, style and store your hair with ease! It minimises knotting and tangling, prolongs the life of hair extensions and gives you the ideal place for storing your hair extensions when they are not being worn!

It is also used in the salon to hold all types of hair extensions when fitting (please see our salon section for more details)

What should I attach my Easiweft with?

So, this is where you have three options.

1. The Adhesive pad - this is used as a more permanent option when screw fixings can't be used. it will attach to any flat surface and is super strong.

2. The suction cups - these can be used to make the Easiweft a portable option. They will attach to any flat shiny surface.

3. Screw fixings - These are used as the most permanent option when you need your Easiweft to be extra secure. We recommend they are used when attaching to a wall, wooden units or any painted surface.

Is it safe to use in the shower?

Yes it is. Simply apply to a dry shower screen and you are ready to go!

Does the Easiweft come with an adhesive pad, suction cups and screws?

Yes all attachments are included. 

Can I recycle my Easiweft?

Yes, the Easiweft is made from recyclable plastic. 

How much time can the Easiweft save?

It can save up to an hour as you can remove the hair in length order and re apply it in the same way! This means you can fit more appointments in every day and increase your client base.

Where can I store it?

The Easiweft attaches to any flat surface using either suction cups as a portable option or an adhesive pad. It also comes with screw fixings for a more permanent fitting method. (Which are all provided)

Can I use heat tools?

It is heat resistant and is made from the best quality materials.

Is it only for wefts?

The Easiweft specialises in holding wefts and tapes but can also hold tape-ins, weaves, pre-bonded, hot fusion, cold fusion and micro-link.

Easi Hairdressing Apron

How do I clean my apron?

Wipe your apron clean with a disinfectant spray weekly to maintain cleanliness

Spot clean straps if needed

Tapes Made Easi Kit

What is the best way to remove the tape tabs from the board?

Remove as soon as possible and don't leave for a long period of time. Use the alcohol based remover to loosen it on the board and then use the scraper to remove and finish with a wipe down. To get rid of any residue we recommend using CleanIT Spray to clean the board down.

How often do the blades need changing?

The blades can be used multiple times before they need replacing. They are double sided and they come with 10 replacements.

Tape Remover (Fragranced with Lotus Flower)

Do you need to wash the hair before reapplying the tapes?

We always recommend to wash the hair to remove any natural oils on the clients hair but you can re-tape once the hair has dried.

Do you have to wash the tapes before reapplying when using this remover?

As long as you are confident your clients hair is clean you can re-tape and re-apply straight away.

What is the remover made from?

It is an alcohol based remover.

Refit Rack

How do I put the Refit Rack together?

To assemble our Refit Rack all you need to do is slot the Easibonds provided onto the 10 screws. The holes will fit and slid down to ensure the Easibonds are secure. Once all 5 Easibonds are attached, you are ready to carry out refits the Easi way! You don't need to loosen or tighten the screws

Is the Refit Rack only used for tape refits?

No, the Refit Rack can also be used for re-tipping nano and micro ring hair extensions. Any individual hair extensions can sit on the Refit Rack in the correct colour and size order ready to be refitted. 

Is it sturdy or will it fall off my work station?

Our Refit Rack is extremely sturdy and will stay standing on your work station when being used throughout refits. With its unique design, the weight is evenly balanced and will stay put when in use.

Pre-Loaded Rings

What are the nano rings made from?

They are made from copper (nickel free) and are then silicone lined.

What are the micro rings made from?

They are made from aluminium and are then silicone lined.

Hair Made Easi Razor

Is the blade in the Razor removable?

Yes, once the blade in the razor has become blunt it can be easily removed and replaced. Ready to use again. We also supply replacement blades.

Does the Razor come in a case?

Yes, our Razor comes in a fully custom and cushioned case, perfect for all hair extension kits.

What is the Razor made from?

The Hair Made Easi razor is made from stainless steel.

Can I replace the blade?

Yes, we sell replacement blades for the razor and there is a diagram showing how to replace the blade when needed.

How long are the blades expected to last?

This would depend on how often the blades are being used, if the razor is being used on a daily basis then the blades would need to be changed more often. 

How many blades come in a pack?

In each pack of our Replacement Razor Blades there are 10 individual blades. 

Nano and Micro Pliers

Will the pliers remove nano beads?

Yes, the hole sizes on our Pliers are perfect for the removal of all ring sizes, making it much easier to remove the hair extensions and to save time on refits.

Can you use the pliers with any rings?

After feedback from customers and carrying out investigations. We have found they don't always work with Remi Cachet rings.

Do the Pliers come in a case?

Yes our pliers come in a fully custom and cushioned case, perfect for any hair extension kit.

What are the pliers made from?

They are made from stainless steel so they are lightweight and will not rust.

I break pliers regularly, will the HME pliers break and how can I stop this from happening?

Pliers should not break, but this can happen when too much pressure is applied when closing the hair extension rings. Too much pressure will also close the rings too firmly causing damage to the natural hair. Try easing the pressure and your pliers will last so much longer.


What makes the Easiloop different to other loop tools?

The Easiloop loads both nano and micro rings in half the time making fitting that bit quicker and easier.

How long does the Easiloop last?

Please note that nipping the tip of the Easiloop with pliers is also not advised as this will weaken the tip.

What causes the Easiloop to snap prematurely?

Overloading and nipping the end of the Easiloop is the only reason for the tool to break prematurely. When looked after properly they will last for months.
How long are the Easiloops guaranteed for?

They are guaranteed for a month.


What can I use this for?

The Easiclaw can be used for all hairdressing processes, including hair sectioning, weaving, balayage, hair ups, highlights and braiding. 

Which finger do I wear it on?

Our Easiclaw can be worn on which ever finger you feel most comfortable. We have three different size being small, medium and large so the Easiclaw can be bought to fit which ever finger you wish to wear it on for the process you are carrying out. 

Which size should I buy

However, if you do order the wrong size you are able to return the item and change the size. To do this you need to go to our Returns page and fill out our returns form, stating the size you wish to exchange to and once we receive your return, we will get the other size sent out to you

Can I use it being left handed?

Yes, our Easiclaw can be used on both hands and will make any sectioning or braiding process Easi!

Delivery / Shipping

Can I have more information on shipping/delivery?

For more information regarding shipping and delivery please follow the link. https://www.hairmadeeasi.com/pages/delivery-information

Custom Fees

Please note, all customs fees are at the responsibility of the customer, and we do NOT refund international customs and sales charges.