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Hair Made Easi Refit Rack


£54.95 GBP



The Hair Made Easi Refit Rack has been designed to use when carrying out a refit with all individual and tape hair extensions. It holds the hair as it is removed from the clients hair in the correct order, colour and length.

The hair will then sit safely on the rack while you wash, cut and blow dry your client’s natural hair, ready to be re-applied.

The Hair Made Easi Refit Rack is portable, sturdy and will save so much time and stress when carrying out a refit. The Refit Rack can also be used to hold tapes when re-taping and tips when re-tipping.



  1. Remove the hair extensions from the top section of the client’s head
  2. Place the hair on the bottom section of the Refit Rack
  3. As you work your way down the head removing the hair, place the hair extensions on the rack working upwards, one row at a time.
  4. Once all the hair extensions have been removed, you are now set to re-apply the hair extensions. Easi!

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