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Hair Extension Refit Rack


£59.95 GBP

Hair Extension Refit Rack - Product Description

The hair extension refit rack is a must-have for hair extension specialists who deal with any type of individual or tape hair extensions.

The refit rack holds your clients’ extensions neatly and in order as you remove and work with their natural hair.

Place your clients extensions neatly on the rack to keep every strand of hair in the correct order, colour and length.

Wash, cut and blow-dry your clients natural hair, then re-apply their extensions with no fuss.

The Hair Extension Refit Rack is portable, sturdy and can be placed on any flat surface at home or in the salon. The Refit Rack can also be used to hold tapes when re-taping and tips when re-tipping.

The refit rack is made to reduce fitting time by up to 1 hour.

Why Buy the Hair Extension Refit Rack

  • Save time when dealing with hair extensions in the salon
  • Create a memorable experience for your clients
  • Keep hair extensions neat, tidy, and in order - down to the very last strand
  • Available in a range of colours to suit your brand or salon

How to Use the Hair Extension Refit Rack

  1. Remove the top row of hair extensions from your clients’ natural hair
  2. Place the extensions on the bottom row of the refit rack
  3. Work your way down the head removing the extensions, placing each one on the rack moving upwards, one row at a time
  4. Once all hair extensions have been removed, focus on your clients natural hair with ease

Game-changing hair extension tools made in the UK by Hair Made Easi.

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