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Easibond Hair Extension Holder


£19.95 GBP

Easibond Hair Extension Holder Product Description

The Easibond hair extension holder is the UK’s most popular hair extension tool for keeping hair extensions neat and tidy when fitting.

The Easibond is perfect for hairdressers, to hold client's hair extensions enabling you focus on fitting. It can be fixed to any flat surface in the salon environment. 

Save time & stress and make fitting a relaxed experience for your clients.

(Suction Cups & Adhesive Pad Included)

Why Buy Easibond Hair Extension Holder?

  • Speeds up fitting and re-fitting time by up to 1 hour
  • Increase revenue by fitting in more clients
  • Takes the stress out of hair extension fitting
  • Improve the salon experience for clients 

When colouring hair extensions on the Easibond please use the suction cups to attach it as the chemicals used will cause it to corrode. 

Please don't use your Easibond to hold your colour rings as it may cause the teeth to snap due to the excessive weight.

Easibond Product Specs

Length: 30cm
Height: 7.5cm
Weight: 250g

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