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Easi Italian Keratin Rebonding Roll and Bond Cutter Duo

Easi Italian Keratin Rebonding Roll and Bond Cutter Duo

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The Premium 100% Italian Keratin Bond Rebonding Roll – Clean Application, Secure and Strong Hold

As a hair professional working with pre-bonded keratin extensions, re-tipping bonds just got Easi. Using the specially designed Italian Keratin Rebonding Roll will save you time, reduce mess and help you re-apply keratin hair extensions seamlessly.

Your Benefits

Faster re-tipping times: thanks to our Italian Keratin Rebonding Roll’s specially designed formula, the keratin will soften easily with heat and fuse quickly with the hair extensions to form a new bond. They can be shaped and trimmed using your Hair Made Easi Bond Cutters.

Less mess and wastage: unlike granules or powder, you can control the amount of keratin bond being used from the roll, delivering equal amount of bond for each re-tip and reducing wastage of the bonding material, meaning the roll lasts longer, saving you money.  

Quick removal: you will need little to no removal solution as the Easi Italian Keratin Rebonding Roll will break down cleanly and effortlessly using your Hair Made Easi Bond Removal Pliers,  

Unique Features

Made from 100% premium grade Italian keratin: delivering a clean, safe and secure hold, the Easi Italian Keratin Rebonding Roll is the perfect material for re-applying keratin hair extensions. Easily moulded and fused, resulting in a smooth, flawless finish.

Designed for all pre-bonded keratin hair extensions: including U/Nail Tip hair extensions, I-Tip hair extensions & Flat-Tip hair extensions. The Easi Italian Keratin Rebonding Roll can be used on all keratin bond extension brands.

Available in 4 colours: the Easi Italian Keratin Rebonding Roll range comes in a variety of shades including Black, Dark Brown, Brown and Clear to match your client’s hair for a truly discreet attachment.

Bond Cutters for Hair Extensions

Our bond cutters feature precision cutting blades for the ultimate customisation.

The stunning gold finish is made from premium quality stainless steel for durability. The soft grip handles are designed for comfort and make them easy to use.

With comfort in mind, the soft grip handles will provide the best fitting experience for you. 

Get the perfect bond in one simple step!


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Product Features

How to use

Heat the applicator tool, place the keratin on the heated area to soften. Insert hair and pull through the heat applicator. Trim the bond ready for application.


Length - 300cm

Width - 0.9cm

Depth - 0.1cm

Weight - 30g


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