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2016 - The Hair Made Easi journey has been an exciting one so far. Our founder, Nicola Wood, is a Manchester based businesswoman who has been passionate about hairdressing since she can remember. As a hair extension specialist, she was finding it time consuming, stressful and sometimes frustrating working alone.
Nicola decided that the hairdressing industry needed a hair extension holder to help her fellow hair extension specialists. Her dream was to create products that would change the way hairdressers work and develop a brand that would become recognised worldwide.
This was the light bulb moment! There were millions of people in the same boat as she was! This was when the Easiweft was born. She set to finding a local product designer and local manufacturer and with months of hard work and determination, the Hair Made Easi dream became a reality.

Easiweft Appears on UK's Dragons Den

2018 – After two years of expanding her business knowledge, Nicola applied for Dragon’s Den. The feedback after her pitch was that they loved Easiweft and Deborah Meaden and Jenny Campbell found it relatable to their hair extension dilemmas at home. Whilst surprisingly Peter Jones showed his hair extension business knowledge as well as reminiscing about the other hair brand as “the one that got away. (Tangle Teezer)”  
About Hair Made Easi's Easiweft on Dragon's Den 
Since filming, the process has had a very positive impact on Nicola to extend the business further. “It was one of those moments that changes you! Who I was then and who I am now, are very different people.”

2019 – Saw the launch of 4 new revolutionary products, The Easibond, The Easitint, The Easiloop and The Easigrip. The response has been phenomenal! Sales have spread across the globe and feed back includes comments like, “game changers” and “life saver”. 

 2020 – Last year Nicola continues with her quest to make working with hair extensions Easi. We launched the Hair Made Easi Pliers and Razor. Both have been designed to speed up the hair extension application process. And throughout the summer we were so proud to have launched the Hair Made Easi Refit Rack, the Easiclaw and the Easitapes Tabs
2021- There are so many more product ideas that we can’t wait to share with you. If you would like to keep up to date with our new releases, please sign up to our newsletter where we will keep you posted!
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