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The Easi Festival Hair Guide

June 20, 2019

festival hair

So the festival season is now upon us once more, hooray! There are so many things we have to start thinking about as the regular festival goers we are, like, what am I going to wear? Am I going to have glitter themed make-up like last year? Am I going to need wellies again? And of course, the most important question of all is…what am I going to do with my hair? This is usually when sheer panic would set in, but don’t worry ladies I am here as your hairy godmother to talk you through my top three easi festival hair styles of 2019!

There are so many beautiful braided hairstyles that are popular this festival season. One of my favourite festival looks is the braided crown, there is something about this look that makes me feel festival ready! One of the bonuses of braids, is that once they’ve been done you really don’t have to worry about them falling out, as the last thing you want to be doing half way through Drake, is having to sort your hair out.  Another thing I love about braids is that you can really dress them up with hair accessories, from colourful flowers to something a bit more blingy!  
festival hair with braids
Buns. Now we all love a good bun, particularly when we are in a ‘can’t be bothered to do anything mood’.  But let me tell you, buns are definitely going to be hot this season, especially the glitter buns.  Have you ever heard of anything more exciting!? Me neither.   That being said, if you’re done with glitter after being well and truly glittered out last year, why not try the space buns?  You can switch this style up quite a bit, by either wearing half your head with space buns or maybe just two space buns at the top of your head with the rest of your locks down.  If you like minimal effort in the hair department, then space buns are definitely worth a shot. 
festival hair space buns
Pony. I am hands down a pony girl, at the gym, at work or on a night out, I will have some form of a pony in place.  Hence why I am desperate to try out the braided accent pony festival look!  After seeing this look in a magazine I completely fell in love with it and the apparent simplicity of it, as for me it’s all about keeping it simple. All you have to do is put a twist on the pony with an accent braid and hey presto, you’re festival ready!  I personally would wave my pony to finish the look off and I might add a bit of glitter…I do love the stuff.
So don’t put it off, get booked in with your hairdresser ASAP and don’t miss your chance to try out one of these easi festival looks this summer.  Oh and one more thing…you might want to pack some dry shampoo too- as we all know the unpredictability of our lovely British weather.  Have fun ladies!   
festival style braided pony tail    festival hair styles
Head over to  Instagram and see some more great festival ideas by @ashlee_owen_hair @doll_upwithkimi @kirstenzellers and @lulu.foerster   

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