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Why Refit Racks are a must for your business

As a hairdresser, you understand that keeping your clients satisfied is crucial. Not only does it affect your business, but it also has a big impact on your reputation. This is exactly why you should invest in your salon by only getting high-quality products that help you work as efficiently as possible. Read more about why a Refit Rack is the hair extension tool you will benefit from buying in this guide. 

What is the Refit Rack and how does it work?

The Refit Rack is a revolutionary hair extension tool designed to keep hair extensions tidy, neat, and in order and to reduce the re-fitting time. You no longer need to ask your client to hold their own hair, use a mat or towels to wrap the hair extensions, as this product has five different rows of holders that will do just that, but more efficiently. It won’t damage the quality of the hair extensions and it won’t make the process messy and confusing for you. You’ll know exactly where each extension came from. 

This item works for different application methods, not just tape-in extensions. You can use it in order to refit nano and micro ring hair extensions. Start by placing the extensions in the correct size and colour order on the Refit Rack and you’ll have them ready to be refitted. A great feature of this tool is the fact that it’s portable and extremely sturdy. The product has a unique design, which balances its weight evenly, so that it’s able to stand on any flat surface. The item will stand firm on your workstation for the entire refitting process. 

How to use the Refit Rack

First, you have to put the tool together, simply slot the Easibond combs into place on the purpose built stand. Then, you can start using it for your appointments. Here are six steps for you to follow to work more easily and quickly when applying and refitting hair extensions

Step 1

Remove your client’s hair extensions starting with the top row.

Step 2 

Place the removed extensions on the Refit Rack. Put them on the bottom Easibond comb.

Step 3

Continue removing the extensions by working your way down the customer’s head one row at a time. Keep placing the hair on the rack by moving upwards. 

Step 4

Cut and colour your client’s natural hair when you’re done removing the hair extensions from their head. 

Step 5

Start refitting the extensions by taking the ones from the top row of the Refit Rack and re-applying them from the nape of the neck upwards.

Step 6

Keep doing this by working your way down the rack and up the head. 

How can your business benefit from purchasing the Refit Rack?

If you decide to invest in your salon by getting this item, you’ll soon realise what a big difference it’s made in terms of saving your business both time and money. By replacing the traditional methods with the revolutionary Refit Rack, you’ll work faster when applying and re-fitting hair extensions for your clients. Your customers will see professionalism, which will definitely make them want to return. Nobody wants to have an appointment with a confused hair specialist that works in a messy and unorganised way. 

You’re supposed to be an expert who knows how to tackle issues without wasting time and deteriorating the quality of the extensions. Your clientele needs to trust you if you wish for them to return and tell others about you, as well. By using the right products, you’re establishing a loyal customer base. What’s more, with the help of smart and effective items, you’re able to handle more clients and, as a result, increase your revenue. In this way, you’re supporting a continous growth of your business. 

If you want to purchase a hair extension Refit Rack for your salon, just visit our website at Hair Made Easi to place an order online. It’s a simple and fast process that only requires a few clicks. Why not buy this game-changing tool today?
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