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Using Your Easiweft At Home


Without an Easiweft
So your usual routine consists of washing your clip-in hair extensions in the sink or the shower in a ball in your hands and it takes about 20 minutes detangling them and trying to pull each row apart.
Then trying to dry them by blasting the hair all over the place or trapping your hair extensions in a drawer and it constantly falls onto the floor and you can only dry one row at a time so it takes aaaages!
Once they are all finally dry you start to style them constantly burning yourself and you either attach them to a hanger or you grab them with your teeth (hands up whose done this!) or you try the drawer trick again and each one always ends up with you feeling all hot and bothered and lets face it sweaty just isn't attractive! 
Then you finally get to put your hair extensions in and you go out feeling amazing with your flowing locks. You get home after a great night out and you throw your hair in a drawer ready for the next night out. The same drawer thats full of velcro rollers, brushes, clips and hair bands......they end up full of knots and tangles that you then struggle and fight to get out once you're ready to wear them again. And so it all starts again!

Who can relate?

All I can say to you is WHY???? Why would you struggle like this? Why would you spend all that money on your precious, beautiful, soft, silky hair extensions then treat them like this? Why would you, when there is such a simple affordable answer to all of these problems that we as hair extension wearers desperately need? 
With The Easiweft
The Easiweft hair extension holder acts as an extra pair of hands, holding your extensions safely and securely throughout each and every process. I think my favourite part is the drying my hair extensions on the Easiweft because I can dry them from above while they are sat on the prongs all at the same time and it stops the hair from blowing all over the place and the hair dries nice and shiny. It makes everything so much quicker and easier, keeping my luscious locks in great condition and they now last an extra 3-6 months....... that's a new pair of shoes, handbag, dress and accessories that I can treat myself to!
wash dry style and store hair extensions
 Take a look on our Youtube Chanel the difference between not using an Easiweft and then using an Easiweft.... once you've used it, you will wonder what you ever did without it!
If you would like to have a look at the colours available, here's a quick link that takes you straight to the Easiweft website -
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