Hair Extensions Nano & Micro

Here at Hair Made Easi we make the most efficient hair extension tools and accessories for your salon. Add our helpful micro and nano tools to your collection. Browse our online catalogue and pick from the wide range of products that we sell. We supply nano and micro starter bundles and pliers, pre-loaded nano and micro rings, storage pouches, refit brushes and combs, razors and replacement blades, and section clips, among other useful tools. You’re in good hands with us, as we consider our customers’ needs when we design and manufacture all of our hair extension tools. Improve your business by saving time and money and enjoy your job even more with our game-changing items. Join the hair extension tools revolution that we’ve started!We understand how much effort you put into the services you provide and we want you to make it easier for yourself. Make your salon life easier and purchase our handy tools. In this way, you’ll be able to achieve the same if not even better results for your clients, but in much less time. We’re open 24/7 online and our delivery services include the standard, express, and international options, being available from Monday to Friday and excluding bank holidays. Should you wish to get in touch, head to our contact page and fill in a form to send us a message. Our team is here for you and your business at all times. When you choose Hair Made Easi, you can only expect top quality products and professionalism.