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Hair Made Easi feature in PBL Magazine

Nov 27, 2023Nicola Wood

Hair Made Easi are deighted to be featured in the latest launches section of PBL Magazine with the sell-out XL Luxury Hair Wraps. After 12 months of research and development, our latest launch is certainly grabbing headlines.

PBL Magazine wrote:

"In the fast-paced realm of beauty where innovation is key, there is a name that stands as a steadfast beacon of high quality hair care and groundbreaking designs - Hair Made Easi. Synonymous with simplicity and excellence in the salon industry, Hair Made Easi have become leaders in the hair market, retailing in over 25,000 salons over the UK. Now, after their resounding salon success, Hair Made Easi is thrilled to announce the start of their highly-anticipated consumer range with the launch of their XL Luxury Hair Wrap. This trailblazing towel is designed to set new standards, created for gentle, efficient hair care to create the enjoyable daily routine that we all long for.

It can be difficult to find high-quality, efficient products that cater for thick hair or hair with extensions. Hair Made Easi’s new XL Luxury Hair Wrap is 100% bigger than standard hair towels, perfect for all hair lengths and types and made from premium microfibre towel material which provides superior absorbency for faster drying time. The soft, microfibre material is gentle and kind to hair, helping to prevent damage and significantly reduce frizz. Available in 4 gorgeous colors including Tuscan Teal and Powder Pink, the hair wrap is founded on the brand’s principles of commitment to making beautiful hair accessible at home; delivering professional, salon-worthy products to the comfort of your own environment. With the XL Luxury Hair Wrap, your drying time will be cut in half thanks to Hair Made Easi’s innovative approach to hair care, with a focus on simplifying the everyday hair styling routine. 

Founder, Hair Professional and Manchester-based Entrepreneur Nicola Wood is a leading female UK inventor who has brought over 40 inventions to the salon market, saving time and generating profits for one of the UK's largest beauty sectors. With a plethora of experience in salons since the age of 13, she ideated a goal-oriented range of products, rooted in the aim to make each product as simple as possible to understand. Renowned for its unwavering commitment to creating state-of-the-art, innovative products that simplify and streamline all aspects of hair care, the brand prides itself on manufacturing its products locally, supporting the local economy, and contributing to a sustainable future by reducing its carbon footprint. Under her prowess, Hair Made Easi has experienced double-digit year-on-year growth since 2020, and its products have piqued the interest of international markets, including Scandinavia and the United States, where 15% of their business currently thrives. With numerous USPs across the product range, Hair Made Easi's products are reshaping the market.

Hair Made Easi is excited to finally launch to consumers in November 2023, starting with the XL Luxury Hair Wrap, with an abundance of future products already in the design process to launch in 2024."

Founder Nicola Wood says: “Hair Made Easi is not just about innovation, it’s about simplifying and enhancing your everyday hair care routine. As a passionate hair professional with a lifelong dedication to the industry, I've seen the struggles and complexities that many face in their quest for beautiful hair. That's why we set out to create products that deliver salon-worthy results in the comfort of your own home. With our XL Luxury Hair Wrap, we're making a bold statement - that luxury, efficiency, and simplicity can coexist in your hair care regimen. Our journey began with a vision, but it was fueled by a commitment to local manufacturing, supporting our community, and reducing our carbon footprint. We are proud to launch our first consumer product in November 2023, with more exciting innovations on the horizon for 2024. We’re not just changing hair care, we’re revolutionizing it for everyone.”

For more information about Hair Made Easi and to explore their wide range of products, visit

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