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Why Wearing Protective Hairstyles to Bed is a Game-Changer

Mar 21, 2024Nicola Wood

In the realm of hair care, one often-overlooked aspect is how we treat our hair while catching some sleep.

As someone deeply entrenched in the world of hair innovation, I've come to appreciate the transformative power of protective hairstyles.

Let's delve into why embracing protective hairstyles before bedtime isn't just about maintaining style but also about the health of our hair. 


    1.Minimising Breakage and Damage

Tossing and turning during sleep can be a major culprit behind hair breakage and damage.Friction between your hair and the pillowcase can lead to unwanted tangles, knots, and even split ends.

However, by using protective hairstyles like braids, twists, or buns, you create a barrier that shields your strands from excessive friction. This not only preserves the integrity of your hair but also promotes its overall health and strength.

  1. Locking in Moisture

Many of us are familiar with the struggle of waking up to dry, frizzy hair, especially if you live in a drier climate or have naturally textured hair.

By wrapping your hair in a protective style before bedtime, you're essentially sealing in moisture, preventing it from evaporating overnight. This can lead to softer, more manageable hair come morning, reducing the need for excessive styling products.

  1. Promoting Hair Growth

Healthy hair growth starts with a healthy scalp, and wearing protective hairstyles to bed can contribute to scalp health in several ways.

By reducing friction and minimising stress on the hair follicles, protective styles create an optimal environment for hair to grow. Additionally, keeping your hair neatly tucked away at night can help prevent tangling and matting.

     4. Night time Hair Habit to Avoid

Always make sure your hair is thoroughly dried before going to sleep, your hair is at its most fragile state when wet.   

Your hair is more prone to break and snap when wet so it is crucial to make sure your hair is dry before laying your head down to sleep.

if you struggle with drying your hair we recommend our XL Luxury Hair Wrap to speed up your drying time without the hassle. 


Tips for Wearing Protective Hairstyles to Bed

To make the most of your protective hairstyles at bedtime, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Choose the Right Style: Choose a style that suits your hair type and desired outcome. Experiment with different styles to find what works best for you.
  • Use Satin or Silk Pillowcases: Silk or satin pillowcases create less friction than cotton, helping to minimise breakage and preserve your style.
  • Protect Your Edges: If you're prone to breakage around your hairline, consider using a satin scarf or bonnet to protect your edges while you sleep.
  • Keep It Loose: While it's important to secure your hair, avoid styles that are too tight, as this can cause tension and potential damage to your hair and scalp.
  • Gentle Brushing: Make sure your hair is thoroughly brushed before bed to prevent further knots and tangles to appear whilst you are asleep. We recommend using our Luxury Paddle Brush  which is gentle on the scalp and to ensure there is no breakage.

Your hair will thank you for this in the morning.

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