Your Guide To The Best Pliers For Hair Extension Application & Removal

Your Guide To The Best Pliers For Hair Extension Application & Removal

As a hair extension professional, you want to deliver the best service possible for your clients and this means using tools designed especially for the job in hand.

When it comes to hair extension pliers, you need to make sure you’ve got the correct ones for the work you are doing. Here we will guide you through the best pliers based on the service you are delivering.

Tape-In Hair Extension Application

When fitting tape-in hair extensions, it's important to make sure the tape is securely in place, whether applying 2 tapes together or 1 tape to a single sided tape tab. This is done by gently applying pressure evenly across the attachment area, ensuring both sides have adhered firmly to each other and onto the client's hair.

For the ultimate application, the nose of the pliers should be textured and be the correct size to cover the tape header with one press of the pliers, resulting in an even amount of pressure being applied and zero damage to the tape header. Hair Made Easi Tape Pliers have you covered.

Hair Made Easi Tape Extension Pliers

Nano Ring and Micro Ring Hair Extension Application

Whether fitting individual hair extensions with nano rings or micro rings, such as I-Tips and Stick Tips, or using micro rings for weft and weave application, hair extension pliers are essential.

Whilst closing the rings to secure them in place is a straightforward process, it is important this is done cleanly and precisely to protect the client’s hair and the tip of the extensions.

Using the correct pliers will also protect the coating of the rings, preventing any cracking or scratching. Hair Made Easi Nano & Micro Pliers come with a perfectly sized, smooth surface, ideal for your ring applications.  

Hair Made Easi Nano & Micro Pliers

Nano Ring and Micro Ring Hair Extension Removal

Removing rings can be fiddly, as you work to get the metal ring to re-form into a circle shape. Clamping the flattened ring with the tips of pliers can often result in the metal folding back on itself, potentially causing damage to both the client’s hair and the hair extension tip.

To solve this problem, the Hair Made Easi Nano & Micro Pliers offer a great solution.

Created with holes positioned on the nose of the pliers, perfectly sized to re-shape your nano rings and micro rings back to open circles. These will then slide out with ease.  

Keratin Bond Hair Extension Removal

The removal process for keratin bonds often involves a lot of removal solution and a lot of plier work, as you break down the bond to release it from your client’s hair, potentially causing sore hands!

With the correct pliers, specially designed to break down the bond material, removals will be quicker, protect your hands and reduce corrosion from contact with removal solutions, thereby reducing the risk of your pliers breaking.

Hair Made Easi Bond Hair Extension PliersHair Made Easi Bond Removal Pliers are made for this job! Expertly designed with texturised plates inside the short nose of the pliers, aiding faster bond break down. To provide maximum comfort, the pliers also feature soft grip handles, protecting your hands as you work. Quick, safe and comfortable!

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