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Keeping Fit With Hair Extensions

Trying to keep a balanced lifestyle can seem so difficult at times – working, kids, having a social life, housework and somehow keeping fit!

We ask ourselves “how can I do all of this and still look good?” you can so achieve this with hair extensions!

Now you’re thinking “hair extensions and working out do not go well together!”, don’t be daft, of course they do and here are a couple of tips on how to make this possible.

hair extensions in the gym 

Clip in, clip out.

I know you’ve probably thought of this, but clip-in extensions are so so easy to apply. This way you still have great hair when out and about, but this isn’t necessarily needed whilst working out.

Your hair extensions will be waiting for you at home on an Easiweft, sweat free, not a tangle in sight and ready to go! Check out our blog on ‘Using your Easiweft at home’.


Quality matters.

I know we all like to save on those pennies, but the quality of the hair really does matter. The hair won’t last and will fall apart from the sweat.

100% remy hair or human hair will do the trick. They blend with your natural hair and can take whatever you throw at them.

Discuss all options with your hair stylists, making sure you are going with the correct hair for your lifestyle.


Permanent application is important.

The hair extensions must be fitted and placed correctly by the best hair extension specialist that you can find. This is so important – if this is done, you won’t have any issues keeping your luscious locks in great condition.

There are so many options for you to consider. Micro rings or nano rings would be the best method, they are more pliable than other methods.


That ‘active’ hairstyle.

Know how to style/wear your hair when doing your thing! No need to spend so much time on getting ready for the gym, you need that energy girl!

Basic gym sesh? Basic pony! Or maybe even a cute bun or braid – but make sure it’s not too tight.Click here to watch how the professional hairstylists do it! 

Maybe even consider a head band? Keeping your hair from your forehead and neck, trying to avoid as much moisture as possible.

If you like to swim, I would totally consider a swimming cap, ok maybe not so stylish but this will avoid getting any chlorine in your hair!


Wash your hair!

Once you have worked up a sweat, make sure you wash your hair immediately!

I completely understand this isn’t always convenient for you early morning gym lovers, so maybe have a little conditioner spray with you, apply and then completely dry your hair. If this is the case for you, be sure to wash your hair in the evening.

I cannot stress enough that you need to make the time for your hair in that busy schedule of yours, making sure it’s washed thoroughly.

Click here to see how 

So, for all you gym bunnies out there, yes you can work out and have great hair – WORK IT HUN!

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