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Your Guide To Single Sided Hair Extension Tape Tabs

Single sided tape tabs for hair extensions are a type of tape that only has adhesive on one side. This makes them ideal for people with fine or thin hair, as they can be used to apply hair extensions without adding too much weight or bulk.















    See how Hair Made Easi Ambassador, Amy Wilkinson uses single sided tape tabs in our step by step guide: 

      Single sided tape tabs can last for 4-6 weeks with proper care. To care for tape-in hair extensions, avoid washing your hair too often, using heat styling tools on the extensions, and swimming in chlorine or salt water.

      Here are some additional tips for using single sided tape tabs for tape in hair extensions:

      • Make sure that the tape tabs are the correct size for your hair extensions.
      • Apply the tape tabs evenly to the back of the hair extension wefts.
      • Press the hair extension wefts into place firmly using the Hair Extension Tape Pliers to ensure a good adhesion.
      • For the best removal and refitting, we recommend using our specially formulated Tape-In Hair Extension Remover
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