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How to colour match hair extensions

May 30, 2023Nicola Wood

Getting the perfect colour match is key to achieving the ultimate hair extension transformation for your client's. Here's our guide to help get the perfect colour blend.

coloured hair extensions
  • Start by assessing the colour of your client’s natural hair. This should always be done in good lighting, preferably daylight.
  • If your client has dyed hair, take into account the colour of their natural hair and the colour of their dye. This will help you to find a colour that will blend in seamlessly with their natural hair.
  • Does your client have highlights or lowlights? Be sure to take that into account as well. You may need to choose a colour that is slightly lighter or darker than their natural hair colour in order to achieve a natural-looking blend.
  • Once you have a colour in mind (or a few colours), take a few strands of each from your colour ring, place against the client’s hair and comb through to see how your choice blends.
  • It is important to colour match to the mid and ends of the client’s natural hair as this will be the most visible part of the blend, particularly with light/blonde clients. To perfectly match at the root, many extension brands offer stretch root shades for the perfect colour match.
under the hood for hair extensions

Once the hair colour/s have been decided, it is vital that any hair extension attachment accessories such as nano rings, micro rings and weaving thread used in the fitting of the extensions blend with the client’s root colour for a completely invisible application.

Here are some top tips to make sure you pick the right shade:

  • Match to your client’s base tone, regardless of the colour of their hair extensions
  • Hold up your camera with a black and white filter to see which shade camouflages
matching colour rings for hair extensions

Still not sure which colour to pick? 🤔

  • Choose the darker shade as light shades reflect the light, making them more obvious

Did you know that our Pre-Loaded Rings do not lose their colour? This means when you come to remove your client’s extensions, the rings will be the same colour as when you fitted them!

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