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Wedding Hair Made EASI

Aug 06, 2019Nicola Wood

Wedding Hair made EASI?
- why choose hair extensions for your wedding day?

Your wedding day is getting closer and closer...

Your to-do-list is almost complete, but you still haven’t decided on your hair!!
Up or down? Curly, wavy or straight? To have a hair piece. & should I use hair extensions?
I think the answer to this is YES!
Hair stylists say that a whopping 90% of their clients grow their hair leading up to the BIG DAY!

The pressures of having that perfect “insta hair” can wear out a bride to be. Here are some absolute thumbs up as to why you should use hair extensions for your special day...

1) For the Length and some Oomph!
We all know that for some of us it can be difficult to grow hair past our shoulders *sighs* it’s your big day and if you want long hair, then long hair you should have.
Wearing hair extensions will provide the length you want without spending months trying to grow your hair, because let’s face it, you have enough to worry about.
Adding volume to your hair, whether it’s already long or not, can help transform your hair in many ways. That bold braid you’ve had saved on your Pinterest board for months - well you can have this! Believe me, it’s manageable with hair extensions.


2) Anything is achievable.
Now this is my fave and personally I think this is the most important!
Using hair extensions will open all kinds of options when it comes to choosing that memorable hair style!
Half up, half down? A high bun? Wavy long locks? Braids and waves? Tussled updo?
There’s so many to choose from I know!
Be sure to have a trial and make sure you have your hair extensions in - this will help your hair stylist work their magic on transforming your hair.


3) Honey to the moon!
You heard! Hair extensions can last between 2-4 months, depending on which ones you choose, but clip-ins can last from 3-18 months, so you’ll have them whilst soaking up the sun with your new husband.
You can create some gorgeous hair styles, making memories as newlyweds - looking picture perfect. #Couplegoals!
Don’t forget to look after your hair extensions whilst away though, using the correct shampoos, oils and treatments. Why not take an Easiweft along with you to care for your clip ins and assist with styling?

Using hair extensions will transform your usual style and create looks that you’ve never had before! & let’s be honest, we want to look different right?

We want to walk down the aisle and not only WOW our husband to be, but we want the same reaction from our guests.


Whatever style you chose, we hope your wedding day is everything you hoped for, enjoy every second, while your guests are in awe of the perfect bride with dreamy hair.


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 Blogger - Katie Reid

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