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What Is The Best Hair Extension Tape Tabs And Remover?

Jun 26, 2024Nicola Wood

In the world of hair extensions, efficiency and quality are most important.

As hair professionals, we constantly look for tools that save time, enhance client satisfaction, and simplify our work.

Enter Hair Made Easi's Tape Tabs and Remover – the ultimate game-changers in the hair extension industry.

Why Choose Hair Made Easi Tape Tabs?

Hair Made Easi Tape Tabs are designed with both the stylist and the client in mind. Here's why they stand out:

  • Strong Hold, Gentle Removal: Our tape tabs offer an incredibly secure hold that ensures hair extensions stay put, no matter what. When it's time for a refit, the removal process is smooth and gentle, protecting the client's natural hair.
  • Time-Saving: With a pre-cut design, our tape tabs eliminate the tedious task of cutting tape to size. This not only saves time but also ensures a uniform application, every single time.
  • Durable and Invisible: Made from high-quality, transparent adhesive, our tape tabs blend seamlessly with the client's hair, ensuring an undetectable finish. 
  • Zero Residue Adhesive - No More Sticky Fingers: Designed for professional hair extensionists to eliminate the stress of previously sticky and messy tape-in hair extension services. Reducing service times to help increase revenue.

Revolutionising Removal with Hair Made Easi Tape Remover

What Makes Our Tape Remover Special?

The alcohol-based formula will evaporate quickly to enable refitting in the same service.

  • Gentle on Hair and Scalp: Our remover is designed to be gentle, minimising any potential damage to the client's natural hair and scalp. It effortlessly dissolves the adhesive, allowing for easy removal of the extensions.
  • Quick and Efficient: Time is money in the salon, and our tape remover speeds up the removal process significantly. Its fast-acting formula breaks down the adhesive quickly, saving valuable time for both stylist and client.
  • Non-Greasy Formula: Unlike many removers on the market, our solution is fragranced alcohol based which leaves no residue on the hair. This means hair is ready for reapplication or other treatments immediately after removal.
  • Choice of application method: Available in spray bottle for dispensing removal solution to a larger area or needle tip bottles for precision application.
  • Choice of Fragrance To help keep your removals smelling fresh with a choice of Lotus Flower or Mango & Papaya, no more chemical aromas whilst you work. 


For hair professionals dedicated to offering the best service possible, Hair Made Easi Tape Tabs and Remover are indispensable tools. They ensure a secure, seamless application and a swift, gentle removal, transforming the way you work with hair extensions.

Embrace the future of hair extension technology with Hair Made Easi – where innovation meets excellence.



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