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Hair Extension Holders For Your Hair Salon

Being a hair professional yourself, you know just how important maintaining customer satisfaction is for your business. This is the reason why you need to invest in high-quality items. Get hair extension tools that will help you do your job as fast and professionally as possible. 


After getting a better understanding of these product you’ll surely find it to be the perfect next purchase for your hair salon. Keep reading to find out what our hair extension holders are and how they work in this guide.  


What are hair extension holders and how do they work? 

Whether in the salon or at home, it’s never been easier to organise, wash, dry, style, and store hair extensions! Using our innovative hair extension holder means your extension hair is secure and orderly, whilst leaving your hands free to work with the hair! Say goodbye to the stress of trying to keep the hair in perfect condition. You deserve to enjoy a hassle-free experience. 


Wearing clip-ins or taking a break from your hair extensions? Simply put the hair on the holder and keep it there until your next wear. The holder will help to maintain the hair extensions’ quality, preventing it from getting tangled and matted in a drawer, so you don’t have to worry about that. 

Help your business with our hair extension holders

Replace old-fashioned methods for organising the hair extensions ready for application with our game changing products. Use our holders and you’ll get your job done much faster. Your clients will be pleased with your professionalism and they’ll definitely want to return to your hair salon in the future. 


As a hair expert, you want to know exactly where every strand of hair is placed, as well as what the right order is when applying and removing extensions. Clients have to see for themselves that you, the hair specialist, work in a clean and organised manner. No customer wants to see their hairdresser look confused. Use our innovative tools and establish your loyal clients. 


Support a good cause when shopping with us

Whenever you add one of our hot pink Easiwefts to the basket, 30% of the money you’re spending on the product goes to the Little Lady Locks charity. This Manchester based charity is very important to our team. It helps to supply, fit, and maintain hair replacement systems for children with alopecia and any other condition that causes hair loss. 


If you’re looking for your very own hair extension holders for your hair salon, head to our website and purchase online today. We hope to see you soon! 

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