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Bond Cutter, Bond Shaper & Bond Remover Set

Bond Cutter, Bond Shaper & Bond Remover Set

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Bond Cutters

Our bond cutters feature precision cutting blades for the ultimate customisation.

The stunning gold finish is made from premium quality stainless steel for durability. The soft grip handles are designed for comfort and make them easy to use.

With comfort in mind, the soft grip handles will provide the best fitting experience for you. 

Get the perfect bond in one simple step!

Bond Shaper Tool

Create the perfect re-bond every time with the Hair Made Easi Keratin Bond Shaper 

Using the specially designed shaper will enable you to create the perfect bond on your newly re-tipped hair extensions. It will help you deliver a fast and professional re-application service for your clients.

Your Benefits:

Keep your keratin clean for application: no more using your fingers to create a new tip, which can contaminate the bond with oils that can cause premature breakdown of the bond and shedding when applied. 

Even distribution of keratin: using the Bond Shaper applies even pressure across the tip to create a uniform thickness of the keratin bond.

Create perfect sized bonds: with the Bond Shaper's specially designed plates controlling the bond size as it cools and sets, producing standard size tips ready for re-application.      

Designed to work in conjunction with our Italian Keratin Rebonding Rolls, once the new keratin has been fused into the hair extensions and before cooling, place the new bond into the shaping tool and close to create the perfect tip. Use your Hair Made Easi Bond Cutters to fully neaten the edges.

The stunning gold finish is made from premium quality stainless steel for durability, whilst the soft grip handles are designed for comfort and make them easy to use.

Bond Removal Pliers

To remove bonds correctly as a professional hairdresser, you need the right tools. Our bond removal pliers ensure the effortless removal of bonds without using a bond remover solution.

Our bond remover pliers are made from premium quality stainless steel and feature a stunning gold finish to ensure lasting strength and style.

With comfort in mind, the soft grip handles will provide the ultimate fitting experience for you.  

Revolutionise the way you work with Hair Made Easi
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Fusion Bond Hair Extension Product Descriptions

Fusion Bond Heat Applicator for Hair Extensions

Specially designed for fusion keratin bond application and re-tipping services. The new digital Fusion Bond Heat Applicator is an essential tool for every hair extensionist working with keratin tips.

With its ultra-fast heating element and easily controlled setting, the Fusion Bond Heat Applicator works perfectly with all fusion bonds and works perfectly in conjunction with our Easi Italian Keratin Rolls for the perfect re-application service.

Easi Italian Keratin Rebonding Roll

Available in Clear, Dark Brown, Brown or Black, the Easi Italian Keratin Rebonding Roll delivers the most secure re-bonds, saving you time, reduce mess and help you re-apply keratin hair extensions seamlessly.

Designed to work perfectly with our Fusion Bond Heat Applicator and Bond Shapers and Bond Cutters, our professional fusion bond hair extension tools help deliver the ultimate service. 

Bond Cutters

Hair Made Easi Bond Cutters feature precision cutting blades to deliver the cleanest bond customisation. Designed for tailoring bonds for both new applications and retipping services using our Easi Italian Keratin Rebonding Roll, this tool will help you create the perfect bond.

Complete with a soft grip handle, the bond cutters deliver complete comfort whilst using.

Bond Shapers 

Designed to enable you to create the perfect shape and size fusion bond for re-tipping services, keeping you keratin clean without the need to use your fingers to shape your bonds.

The perfect tool to partner with our Easi Italian Keratin Rebonding Rolls, Fusion Bond Heat Applicator and Bond Cutters.

Bond Removal Pliers 

Our fusion bond removal pliers are a specially designed tool used to remove fusion bonded hair extensions. The unique size and texture of the plates deliver a fast and safe removal process, whilst the soft touch handles reduce pressure on your hands for a comfortable removal service. 

Hair extension professionals can just use the bond removal pliers to remove the keratin bonds, or for added performance to break down the bond, our Hair Extension Remover can also be used in the removal process.

Hair Extension Remover 

Formulated to help make fusion bond removal EASI. The alcohol-based remover will work to breakdown the bond and when used with our Bond Removal Pliers your service times will be quicker and easier.

Available in 2 fragrances, the alcohol solution is specially designed to be gentle on the client’s hair and If the client comes to their appointment with clean hair, the solution will evaporate after use to leave the clients hair ready for re-application.  

Bond Heat Guard

Our specially designed heat guard will enable you to take larger sections to apply more bonds without the need to keep moving the guard, saving you valuable time during application services, perfect when working with the Fusion Bond Heat Applicator. 

Design to protect your clients from heat sources, whilst providing guidance for section depths and widths for all fusion bonds applications.