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Will Hair Extensions Damage My Natural Hair?

Jul 05, 2024Nicola Wood

Hair extensions can be a fantastic way to add length and volume to your hair, but like any beauty treatment, they need to be used correctly to avoid potential damage.

Factors That Can Lead to Damage

Several factors can influence whether hair extensions might damage your natural hair:

  • Quality of Extensions: High-quality extensions made from 100% human hair tend to be less damaging than synthetic ones. They blend better with your natural hair and can be styled with heat tools.
  • Application Method: Extensions should be applied by a trained professional who can ensure that they are installed correctly without putting stress on your natural hair.
  • Maintenance: Proper maintenance is crucial. This includes regular brushing to prevent tangling, using appropriate hair care products, and avoiding excessive heat styling.
  • Duration: Leaving extensions in for too long can strain your natural hair. It's important to follow recommended time frames for each type of extension and give your natural hair a break.

    How to Minimise Risk

    To enjoy the benefits of hair extensions while minimising the risk of damage, follow these guidelines:

    • Choose Quality: Invest in high-quality extensions and have them applied by a professional.
    • Regular Maintenance: Follow a maintenance routine, including gentle brushing we recommend our Luxury Paddle Brush, using suitable hair care products, and visiting your stylist for regular check-ups.
    • Avoid Overuse: Don't wear extensions continuously. Give your natural hair time to breathe and recover between applications.
    • Proper Removal: Always have extensions removed by a professional to prevent unnecessary stress and breakage.
    • Listen to Your Hair: Pay attention to how your hair responds to extensions. If you notice any signs of damage, consult with your stylist immediately.
    • Correct Aftercare: Invest in the correct aftercare, such as high quality shampoo, conditioners and hair oils. Using an XL Luxury Hair Wrap after washing your hair will reduce friction and damage on your natural hair and keep the extensions healthier for longer.

    Our founder Nicola Wood says "Hair extensions can be a game-changer for anyone looking to enhance their hair.

    When installed and maintained correctly they don't have to damage your natural hair. As with any beauty treatment, it's all about making the correct choices.

    If you’re considering hair extensions, consult with a professional who can guide you in choosing the best option for your hair type and lifestyle."

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