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Why get an Easiweft for Christmas?

Are you that clip in queen who keeps all their hair extensions in the bottom of a drawer looking like dead rat! You come in from a night out, take off your makeup and throw your hair extensions down on the side until you decide to pick them up and put them away the next morning. Do you really need to deal with brushing the knots out of them when you have a hangover? I don't think so! 

Or even when coming home from a long day at work and all you want to do is crawl into bed and forget about the day you've just had. Taking out and putting away your hair extensions in a nice and tidy way is the last on your list. So your lovely locks of hair that you spent well earned money on get thrown in a drawer or on your beauty station until the next morning. Waiting for you to detangle them before you head back into work the day after!

wash, dry, style and store easiweft

Why should you have to deal with the hassle of it all? Well you don't!! 

Our Easiweft hair extension holder make it simple and straight forward to wash, dry, style and store your hair extensions. Cutting out the mess and stress of trying to maintain gorgeous hair! With your extensions on our Easiweft you can have a hassle free experience when it comes to this often thought of 'annoying' job. Once you're done, you store them on your Easiweft until you are ready to wear them. Sounds perfect to me!!

What a perfect christmas gift! A stunning hair extension holder and a stress free way to maintain hair extensions too, allowing them to last longer and stay healthy for a longer period of time. 2 in 1!! I'm sure Santa has had a few letters asking for that. So treat your loved one to our revolutionary Easiweft to ensure they have a knot-free and a very Merry Christmas!!

Come and take advantage of our Black Friday offer running on our website from 24th November 8:30pm up until 2nd December 12:00am. It's a deal not to be missed!!

Treat all of those lovely ladies in your life that you know have the same struggles that will love you forever for gifting them this nifty little stocking filler! 

Use the link to head over to our website and get your festive fever on!!



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