Mane Maintenance with Hairdressers Journal - Hair Made Easi

Mane Maintenance with Hairdressers Journal

Hairdressers Journal share all the advice from hair extension industry experts featuring Hair Made Easi

February’s issue is all about mane maintenance and Hair Made Easi are joined by other industry leading hair extension brands including Zen UK, Balmain Hair Couture, Great Lengths, Remi Cachet, Gold Fever, North Professional Hair, Inanch London, The Hair Extension Group and Racoon International to share their top tips.

At Hair Made Easi, we are passionate about hair and hair extensions, ensuring every hair extension tool and accessory we design supports the health of hair, the longevity of hair extension wear and safe removal of all methods of extensions.

Along with best practice for consultation, application, maintenance and removal, the feature includes Hair Made Easi explaining how using the correct products and styling tools is fundamental, but equally important is the use of professional tools for application, maintenance and removal.

Chris King, Managing Director at Hair Made Easi, explains: “Using the correct tools will not only prolong the lifespan of the client’s hair extensions, but also protects the integrity of their natural hair. As tool designers and manufacturers, we understand and focus on the needs of extensionists and their clients. Poor application and removal using inferior quality tools and products can damage the attachment area of extensions, shorten the wear time, and put undue stress on the client’s hair and result in damage.” 

Not already working with Hair Made Easi tools? Our website and social media is filled with invaluable information and guidance so you can deliver the best hair extension service for your clients. 

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