Dragons Den - Hairdresser to Entrepreneur - Hair Made Easi

Dragons Den - Hairdresser to Entrepreneur

My Dragons Den appearance is on tonight… what an experience. I can remember the feeling in my gut as I walked in to meet the dragons. I remember thinking what am I doing? How did I get here? I don’t know the numbers. I practiced my pitch for hours on end. I forgot about the purpose. The experience was scary and intimidating. It was one of those moments that changes you…who I was then and who I am now, are very different people. My trade is hairdressing, I love the industry, co creating hair to make a difference to how someone feels about themselves.  

I’m a hairdresser at heart and always will be. Dragons Den was a life changer. As a hairdresser its not just the end product, it’s the experience and the journey along the way, till you show your customer the reveal. My purpose is improving that experience for the hairdresser and the customer giving hairdressers more time to focus on their client. Concentrating while multitasking can be highly pressured and stressful in the salon so to be able to take that away is where my products come into play.

I wanted my concentration on the person in the chair making a difference and my innovations make it easier for me to multi-task keeping my attention on the customer improving the experience. Easi weft was born… I’m a hairdresser and now entrepreneur learning more and more every day.

Was my business invested by the dragons no. What I did gain though, is a wealth of new contacts, and learned that I’m a businesswomen with a purpose. I’m now an entrepreneur going to market with a whole host of new products ready to take to market. When I did the show, my vision was short term and Easiweft the product but now it’s a true vision of my new brand, Hair Made Easi, a series of tools and products to prioritise what’s important, that’s innovation, creativity and you!


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