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Nano and Micro Starter Bundle


£48.95 GBP £57.80 GBP

Type: Training

Nano and Micro Starter Bundle Hair Extension Kit - Product Description

Hair Made Easi’s Nano and Micro Starter Bundle contains every single piece of equipment or tool professional hairdressers need to become specialists in individual beaded extension fittings.

With a huge saving of 15%, the bundle includes every product you need to hold, squeeze, de-tangle and work with hair extensions on a daily basis, stress-free.

As well as tools, our bundle comes equipped with an Easibond Hair Extensions Holder that you can use to take extensions on and off seamlessly. This bundle is a must-have for hairdressers looking to start their venture in all types of Beaded hair extensions.


The Hair Made Easi Nano & Micro Starter Bundle includes:

*Please leave a note on your order with the colour of Refit Brush you require. 

 Everything you need to start your new venture with a huge saving of 15%