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Dreaming of going back to work?

Are you ready to go back to the salon?

Picture this…

The day we have all been waiting for has finally arrived – lockdown is over and our salon doors are open!!

Your appointment diary is full and the phone is ringing off the hook.  You are so excited to see your client’s and ask how they have been. Sticking the kettle on and hanging up their coats will feel like a dream. But alongside all this excitement, all you keep thinking is how on earth are you going to get through the busy day with little or no stress and having your clients leave happy. What can you do to make the chaos that bit easier?

Your first client walks in and it is like a breath of fresh air seeing their face. But then they hand you what looks like a hair ball. It’s a matted and tangled pile of hair. This is their hair extensions that they have removed at home. And as seen in your worst nightmare, these are the hair extensions you will be refitting today! So the appointment starts with you untangling and sorting out their extensions. Half an hour passes and no fitting has been done.


Messy trolley


Whilst organising the hair you realise that all that week and the weeks to come, the majority of appointments are re-fits. Can you really afford to spend up to 30 minutes on each client untangling and organising their extensions?

Now picture this…

It’s the day the salon is back open and your first appointment is a refit. Your client comes in to the salon with an Easibond filled with their hair extensions. Their big smile beams right at you as they explain how delighted they are to have kept their hair so neat and tidy. Before the fitting can start, you attach the Easibond to your trolley and get your client comfortable. There is no need to mess around organising the hair because it’s already been done for you. You’re relaxed and stress free and the refit can now begin!!

We have the solution to make the second scenario become a reality.

Why not, during this time, introduce our Easibond to your clients? You could retail an Easibond to each client who is due for a refit. This way they can store their tapes or individual hair extensions properly after removing at home. They can put them in size and colour order for you, making the refitting process so much easier. 


Tidy trolley

Being able to save up to an hour on each refit will allow you to increase the number of appointments scheduled in a day, which after the current situation, will be a miracle. It will also allow you to fit the extensions easily and increase your total revenue overall.

Make your salon life easier when back at work – it’s a no brainer!!

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