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Weave Starter Bundle


£79.95 GBP £94.20 GBP

Type: Training


Weave Starter Bundle Hair Extension Kit - Product Description

Hair Made Easi’s Weave Starter Bundle contains every single piece of equipment or tool professional hairdressers need to become specialists in the Weave method types of extension fittings.

With a huge saving of 15%, the bundle includes every product you need to hold, weave, un-pick and work with hair extensions on a daily basis, stress-free.

As well as tools, our bundle comes equipped with an Easiweft Hair Extensions Holder that you can use to take extensions on and off seamlessly. This bundle is a must-have for hairdressers looking to start their venture in all types of Weave hair extensions.

The Hair Made Easi Weave Starter Bundle includes:


Everything you need to start your new venture with a huge saving of 15%