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Type: pliers

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Nano & Micro Pliers  - Product Description

The Hair Made Easi Nano & Micro Pliers are made specifically for hairdressers fitting and removing micro and nano hair extensions.

By tailoring the hole sizes for the removal of micro ring, nano rings and copper rings hair extension methods, our pliers guarantee you will save time on your refits.

Each set of hair extension pliers come with a cushioned carry case to protect them when not in use.

Why Buy Hair Made Easi Hair Extension Pliers

  • Designed by hairdressers for professionals
  • Designed specifically to make the removal and fitting of all individual hair extensions so much easier
  • Save time during the removal of the rings as they will not clamp onto the hair when using the holes to open the rings
  • Stunning gold finish and made from stainless steel 
  • A protective cushioned carry case keeps your pliers in immaculate condition

More About Our Nano and Micro Hair Extension Pliers

Made by Hair Made Easi

For more information on our game-changing hair extension tools please see our FAQ page.


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