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Easiloop Hair Loop Tool


£4.95 GBP

Type: pulling tool

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Easiloop Hair Loop Tool - Product Description

The Easiloop hair loop tool for hair extensions is designed to break-away from the pain points of traditional hair loop tools.

Developed with hairdressers in mind, the Easiloop holds double the amount of links as a standard hair loop tool. This saves you from overloading your tool and causing it to break prematurely.

Our revolutionary design is also perfectly weighted to feel super comfortable in the palm of your hands. Perfect your hairdressing and create the best salon experience possible for your clients by loading micro beads with ease.

A must have for all hair extension specialists.

Why Buy the Easiloop Hair Loop Tool

  • Speed up the hair extension fitting process
  • Fit in more clients and increase your sales
  • Designed specifically for micro beads/nano rings
  • Holds double the number of links than a standard loop tool

More About the Easiloop

For more information on Easiloop and other game-changing hair extension tools, please see our FAQ 

Trying to fit two fingers and a thumb through the wire, to grab the section of hair through the Easiloop will cause the tool to break prematurely. Instead, simply pinch the hair section with the index finger and thumb and pull through the Easiloop or use the Easiclaw through the wire to section the hair and pull the section through this way.

Use the images of the Easiloops as a guide of where to load the loop tool to. There are approximately 45 nano rings on the image shown.

MADE IN THE UK by Hair Made Easi


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