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Hair Made Easi Refit Brush - Product Description

The Hair Made Easi Detangler has been designed especially for use when removing all hair extension types when combing through at the root area to give your clients the most comfortable experience possible.

The double-layered prongs allow you to smooth the hair removing matting and tangles in the hair. Using our detangler means you no longer need to tug at your client's hair with your comb when removing hair extensions that usually cause discomfort and can cause damage to your client's natural hair.

It is also ideal for people that are head sore and for fine hair that is prone to knotting easily.

Its ergonomic design means the handle sits comfortably in your hand ensuring full control when in use.

See our YouTube video for a demonstration: Be Gentle With Me

Why Buy the Hair Made Easi Detangler

  • The double prongs make light work of knots and tangles
  • Prevents tugging that usually occurs when using a comb
  • Ensures even the most head sore client is comfortable with every removal  
  • Easy to use on fine hair and natural curls
  • The handle is super comfortable and lightweight
  • Its 'memory' teeth spring back into shape after each use

See our YouTube video for a review: Review of Our Refit Brush by @mh.hairdressing

Ideal as a retail product for clients to use at home. (please email for more information)

Hair Made Easi Detangler Product Specs

Length: 25cm 
Weight: 32g

Innovative hair extension tools designed by hairdressers, for hairdressers. For more information head over to our FAQ page.

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