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Hair Extension Holder Bundle


£79.95 GBP

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Hair Extension Holder Bundle - Product Description

The Hair Made Easi hair extension holder bundle is the ultimate solution for hair extension specialists looking to keep their clients extensions neat & hassle-free.

The bundle includes Easibond, Easiweft and the Refit Rack. Save £15 when ordering as a bundle.

Why Buy the Hair Extension Holder Bundle

  • The ultimate solution for hairdressers when fitting hair extensions
  • Save £15 off individual orders of Easibond, Refit Rack and Easiweft
  • Portable, sturdy and can be placed on any flat surface
  • Save time & stress when fitting
Product Specs

1 x Easibond
1 x Easiweft
1 x Refit Rack

MADE IN THE UK by Hair Made Easi.

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