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Easigrip Hair Gripper Pads (2 Per Pack)


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Type: Hair gripper

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Easigrip Hair Gripper Pads - Product Description

Easigrip Hair Grippers are super-strong velcro hair grip pads. Use the pads to hold any fly-away, unruly hairs in place whilst fitting hair extensions.

Easigrip velcro hair grippers are a game-changer from traditional hair grip clips, allowing you to take full control whilst cutting. Grip and move unruly hairs as you cut and fit, creating an even greater salon experience for your clients.

Sectioning hair has never been easier. Ideal for use when cutting short hair with clippers.

Why Buy Easigrip

  • Easy to clean and re-usable
  • Holds unruly, frizzy hairs out of the way
  • Perfect for applying make-up or cleansing
  • Hairdressers save time & stress whilst fitting

More About Easigrip Hair Grip Pads

Easigrip comes with 2 velcro hair pads per pack.

How to Use Easigrip

To use, simply slide in at the section line and push upwards. To remove, slide upwards towards the end of the hair.

For more on Easigrip and other industry-leading hair extension tools, see our FAQ page.

MADE IN THE UK by Hair Made Easi

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