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Original Bundle (All Fixings Included)


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Save £10 when you buy the Easiweft/Easibond Bundle!

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How would you like to earn 25% more revenue and feel more relaxed when fitting hair extensions?

The Easibond is a rapidly becoming the worlds favourite hair extension holder for salons! It is used to hold all extension types and works hand in hand with the Easiweft giving your client a relaxed luxurious experience in the salon and making  life so much easier for you!

  • Features & Benefits - (Suction cups, screw fixings and adhesive pad included)
  • you can now carry out a refit in 2 hours instead of 3 as you can remove the hair in length order and re apply it in the same way! This means you can fit an extra client in every day, increasing revenue by 25% and adding to your client base.
  • attaches to any flat surface in seconds with either suction cups as a portable option or an adhesive pad for a more permanent option. (All fixings provided)
  • With the unique angle at the base of the smooth comb, the Easibond allows you to see what you are picking up, making it so much quicker to fit and giving you full control of which bond you want to glide through the comb next.
  • With its unique slimline hooks, the Easiweft allows you to hold as much hair as you need, making it so much quicker to fit and you can now set up in seconds.
  • When working with more than one colour of hair extensions, they both make colour selection a breeze, just line them up in colour order and you are ready to fit!
  • The Easiweft and Easibond are heat resistant and are made from the best quality materials available on the market.
  • The Easibond holds all hair extension types including tape-ins, weaves, pre-bonded, hot fusion, cold fusion and micro-link.
  • An absolute must for all hair extension tool kits!

Client Benefits - When left to your client to pass her hair to you, you find yourself getting stressed as your client never quite gets it right (why would she, she’s not a hairdresser!) Using the Easiweft and Easibond, your client can now sit and relax, use their phone, read a book, chat to you or just take in what’s going on around her. After all that's what she's paying for.

They will also be in the chair for less time which they will love you for.... guaranteed!

Made In The UK


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